TILE FLOOR: V.C.T. (Vinyl Composition Tile), Laminate, and Rubber

Tile floor should be swept and mopped daily or twice a week depending on the amount of surface traffic distributed over the floor. It is important to know that tile floors need protection from furniture scrapes and scratches. We always suggest a maintenance program to insure the look of the floor that you desire.

We use battery powered scrubbers which put heavy pressure on the tile to ensure a deep cleaning of both the tile and the grout to preserve its new look. Some tiles require sealing for easier maintenance.
1. An estimate for the work is mandatory. Including an examination of areas of special concern.
2. Measure accurately for square footage
3. Remove furniture from area
4. Pre-sweep or dust mop all floor area and removing any tar, glue, etc.
5. Apply the stripper
6. Allow time for the stripper to begin breaking down the old finish
7. Scrub away the old finish using the proper pad or brushes
8. Extract the stripper residue, rinse with cold water and neutralizer, and let dry
9. Apply the first coat of finish with a “finish” mop and let dry completely (Only the first coat requires detail close to baseboards and in corners)
10. Apply additional coats per customers request (HPS always recommends at least three coats of finish)

The solution used to prepare your V.C.T. will be VERY SLIPPERY. Special caution should be taken and the recommendation is made to close off all areas until the work is finished.

Many variables contribute to how fast the finish may dry. The number of coats, the temperature, and the humidity index. HPS always recommends leaving the temperature at 75 degrees. Warmer air will draw moisture out of the finish much faster.

New flooring needs 12 to 72 hours after installation before it is ready for finish, furniture or foot traffic. Until the new finish is totally dry HPS suggests that you do not place furniture back on the floor. Putting furniture back too early can cause marks on the floor. Of course, all foot traffic should also be avoided. Retain extra V.C.T. for possible repairs needed in the future.

The frequency of your V.C.T. cleaning has many variables. The texture of the tile, the amount of traffic, the number of coats of finish, and the amount of daily attention given to the floor. V.C.T. tile should be cleaned as soon as the floor begins to look dull. Maintenance will vary significantly between customers.

Relocate furniture occasionally to distribute traffic patterns.

Avoid dragging heavy furniture across the V.C.T.